Carter (cusm) wrote,

A couple of weeks ago I noticed one of Chaos's (one of my cats) eyes didn't shine like the other. Something was definitely obstructing it. I thought it might have been a detached retina, a cataract or some such. So first we have to go to the vet, which is the only way to get a referral for an ophthalmologist. They do nothing useful other than repeat what I already tell them, and charge me $150. Next, we see the specialist I need, and discover the eye actually has a tumor. So the prognosis is to remove it asap before there is any spread. That apt cost about $350 to take no action. The actual surgery is scheduled for next thursday, and that is expected to run about $1400. Joy. Which basically means I'll be spending the money I have saved to pay my taxes with, and have to stiff the IRS. Double joy.

Chaos seems to be doing well enough, at least he doesn't seem to be in too much discomfort. Still, there's no waiting, it's gotta go asap. He'll get a nifty little black insert, I hear, which may make him look all piratey. Yar. Suck.
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