Carter (cusm) wrote,

Reason #3374 why I believe in magick

I hate to work on my birthday. I always try to schedule it off if I can and spend some time wandering around, having some good chill alone time just enjoying the beauty of life. In many years its been walks in various places, I get a lot out of that sort of thing. This year, I forgot to put it in the schedule, so had 2 apts scheduled for me in Charleroi, out in the middle of nowhere. I'm thinking the whole time about how I'd rather they not be there so I can quit early today and enjoy the day. When I got to them, both were home but had to reschedule. So I ended up having a beautiful drive out in the country in the spring sunshine listening to my music, chatted with 2 nice old ladies, put smiles on their faces and made them feel better about their day, and had a nice drive home. I do love it when the universe accommodates my wishes when I forget to make the time for them myself.
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