Carter (cusm) wrote,

wickerman dead mans party

So we're leaving for Wicker Man this thursday. This has turned out to be a much bigger outing than first intended last year when we said "hey, we should get the clan out for a party space pittsburgh style next year". Scortch made this huge dreamcatcher thing that will be flying over north crook, and hanging from it will be a sort of astec calander in painted cardboard skulls, astec zodiac animals, bats, skeletons etc, pioneered by ryan and lisa. Who'd have thought, the past few weekends my attic has been full of people painting under blacklights like the happiest of kindergardeners. We're one of two groups running sound, too. I'll be spinning some of my funky dubstep and other goodies, ron has a crapton of material as usual, ryan has a set or two and ben will have a lot if he's able to make it up (anyone leaving friday eve, give him/me a call).

So yea. Dead Man's Party in force. Boingo service friday night at midnight. I just need to check the costume store for blacklight white facepaint for the skull faces. This is going to be all sorts of awesome.
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