Carter (cusm) wrote,

In other news, I'm back in training again. My dad offered to pick up the tab on classes at the school he's been going to, so I couldn't let that by. Shaolin Kempo this time, which is like kung fu mixed with a healthy dose of karate. Hard style blocks and strikes, which I'm really digging as I did a LOT of soft style before, and chin-na (which he just calls ju-jitsu for familiarity) joint lock techniques, which was also something I studied quite a bit before. It seems the course is basic kempo and ju-jitsu techniques and short katas, moving in to shaolin 5 animal style kung fu. We did Dragon Blocking this week, which involved grabs snaking around the opponent with open claw hands. Very cool, and delightfully different than Eagle Claw which does a lot of the same but in a more linear way. I always wanted to do more with the traditional animal forms, now it looks like I will get the chance. In 3 classes, I think I've gotten all the white belt material. I might be 7 years out of shape, but a previous black belt does help speed up the basics :)

I feel great for the exercise, too. I've so needed this. Mmmm... Yang... Really increases my energy. Really causes me to wake up at 3:45am and not be able to get back to sleep until 7 too, which I'll need to find some workaround for. That's annoying.
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