Carter (cusm) wrote,

Kung Fu

Passed my yellowbelt test tonight. Woot! Current sifu believes in making the tests a real test of physical ability so even though I'm coming into this as a former blackbelt, he knows that and is making sure I'm still feeling pushed. So that is the good.

Better, I'm going to China!

The school is doing a China trip at the end of July. The usual tourist spots, and a good bit of time at the Shaolin temple training with the monks. So I get to be beat with sticks for having a lazy horse stance a lot. Which means lots of training for me in the mean time to clean that shit up. All courtesy my dad, who decided that since he really hasn't done much for me and just got a nice inheritance from his mom is passing along the goodness. I am not one to complain. I am also not one to pass up a chance like that. So, thanks dad :)

So now I've got to step up the training. I've got only a month to tighten up so I can take best advantage of the monk time. Nothing like a little motivation to get me off my ass and eating better.

Guess I'll install that Mandarin module for Rosetta Stone, too. I hear such good things about the software, now I actually have a reason to use it.
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