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I am officially done with inkjet printers. The last lexmark I bought, mind you from a going out of biz sale so it was only $40, cost me $55 to replace the ink. On a cost basis analysis, I'm spending between $.50 and $1.00 per page to print, as they don't last all that long.

Today's adventure in pricing began when my Brother fax machine refused to print a fax it received because it thought the yellow ink cartridge was empty (its not, its full. I've never printed color on it). When I first set it up, it insisted I install color ink even though I was printing B/W faxes, and now it continues to refuse to print B/W without color ink, which it in fact has. So I start to price.

I have concluded that laser is in fact the way to go. With about a $200 investment, you can get up to 3000 pages. That's $.07/page. Comparing with various standalone faxes and printers, the best I could do was about $.30/page. Laser for the win. Except it cost an extra $150 for any model to also FAX. Fail.

So I ended up with a $30 FAX machine that takes toner ribbon. Yes, that's good old fashion toner ribbon. $30. That's $.18/page for the rare time I ever receive faxes, less as replacement toner comes in 2 packs so it drops to somewhere around $.10 over time. And its half the size of the old one. Win.

At this point I wait until the ink runs out on my 3in1 printer and when it goes, just chuck it for a B/W laser printer. The inkjet can sit under my desk for the rare day that I want to print out a pretty color picture. That's all the damn things are good for.
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