Carter (cusm) wrote,

Improvement. Only up at 6am today. Still kinda liking the early morning. Just not the part where I fall down into a coma at 3pm to catch up. Dream stories were really good tonight though.

Alternate world where Superman was a real dick. Like SMBC was drawing him. There was this alien race destroying the planet with a giant mining laser, but superman was too busy being a dick somewhere else on the planet to notice until it had done a bunch of damage already. He does intervene and stop it, but has to sacrifice himself to do so. Setting is now post apocalypse Victorian styled steampunk fantasy with most of the world destroyed or under ice. Seems superman dieing brought magic back into the world or some such. There are cool costumes.

I'm making a D&D character, and telling his story. He starts off with 1 level of fighter and then intends to go to magic school. First, there are a number of quests one can take to raise one's stats. One for each stat. Example I read was eating a fish in a particular ritual to gain a +1 int. Only 1 +1 can be gained for each stat. But there is an alternate quest for each that gives a +3. For fish, its make an empathic connection with a magical fish. If you do the +1 you can't get the +3. The fish I caught was a bunny, and it was very cute. Nevertheless, on a random roll, character is killed by baddies that he gets in the way of that wipe out his family or some such. A necromancer is fortunate enough to find him and raises him from the dead, making him his apprentice. "Your life is now mine" and he's inclined go agree, honor bound. I think the necromancer is fulfilling one of the darker versions of the +3 options by binding him in this way, but I'm not sure which. I never detail the whole chart. So he gets to learn his mage levels, at the study of a dark mage seeking lichdom, while the apprentice himself is good of heart but bound. Something goes wrong and master's lichdom fails, trapping his soul in a soul jar or some such, releasing apprentice, who can now start the game.

After that, there's not much getting back to sleep. Not when I'm writing alternate D&D stat mod ritual rules in my head.
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