Carter (cusm) wrote,

Legal success, for once

I just won a law suit, that I filed and presented entirely without legal counsel. Go me.

It was from my prior boss rear ending my vehicle, resulting in my having to leave that job. More importantly, resulting in my having to pay for broken brake lines. She lied about the details, geiko denied the claim, so I found out how to file civil action with the local magistrate and did it. I asked for the brake damage and the bumper damage, expecting to get at least the brake in settlement. They awarded me the bumper damage, which is higher. Now they'll probably appeal, which is insanity. It will cost Geiko several times the amount I'm awarded to pay their lawyer rather than just do the honest thing and pay for the damage I'm owed. But I expect to hold up under the appeal too. It'll still be months before I'm repaid, but I'm still stoked for getting it done all my myself.

So anyway, booya, I ams lawyersy foo. Phear.
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